CEO’s message: ACE Symposium puts spotlight on young scientists

The ACE CRC held another highly successful ACE Symposium on the 8th and 9th of March. The Symposium, From Discovery to Cutting Edge Science, focused on the achievements of ACE early career researchers. Once again registrations for the Symposium exceeded expectations, with more than 110 attending and 72 making it to (and safely from) the Symposium dinner. After hearing from the Carbon, Oceans, Cryosphere and Ecosystems Impacts programs, the audience was treated to a stimulating series of presentations from ACE postdocs and other researchers. The talks ranged through all the ACE programs, including work ACE is doing with Climate Futures and the sea-level rise adaptation tool. An inevitable conclusion from the day's presentations was the high quality of research in the ACE CRC and the progress being made in achieving the goals ACE set out to achieve in this funding round (a full list of speakers and presentations is at the end of this article). Once again there was a student poster competition and this year (in a very tight three-cornered finish) Molly Jia and Robert Johnson shared the Student Prize. The morning of the second day saw talks by Neil Adams (BoM), Simon Marsland (CAWCR), Beth Fulton (CSIRO) and Louise Newman (SOOS).   This session was followed by a lively  discussion about collaboration, research direction and future research priorities and opportunities. A number of initiatives resulted from these discussions, and in the margins of the Symposium, and we've already started to work on some of these. Ben Galton-Fenzi and Laura Herraiz-Borreguero were the initiators of the Symposium theme - I thank them for their initiative and assistance. I also especially want to thank Wen, Kate, Miranda and Margaret for all their efforts in making the Symposium a success. - Tony Press, CEO Speakers at the 2012 ACE SymposiumACE Oceans Program: Steve Rintoul ACE Cryosphere  Program: Tas van Ommen ACE Carbon Program: Tom Trull ACE Ecosystems Impacts Program: So Kawaguchi A proxy record of ENSO and eastern Australian rainfall from Law Dome: Tessa Vance Ice Sheet Dynamics: Adam treverrow Snow observations using satellite microwave data: Alex Fraser SIPEX-2: more than a sequel: Jan Lieser Ice shelf/ocean modeling: Ben Galton-Fenzi Circulation under the Amery Ice Shelf: Laura Herraiz-Borreguero A look deep down into the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: understanding its vertical structure: Beatriz Pena-Molino Ocean warming: detection and attribution: Catia Domingues Canute: A Decision Support Tool for Sea-level Change Adaptation: Steve George Carbon Cycling in the Mertz Polynya: Elizabeth Shadwick Modelling approaches to evaluate change in Southern Ocean ecosystems 1: Jessica Melbourne-Thomas Modelling approaches to evaluate change in Southern Ocean ecosystems 2: Stuart Corney The role of Antarctic sea ice as a natural ocean fertilizer: Delphine Lannuzel Southern Ocean Acidification: from little things, big things known: Donna Roberts The Climate Futures program at ACE CRC – end of the Climate Futures for Tasmania project and overview of new work: Michael Grose Applying downscaled regional climate projections to biodiversity research. The role of Climate Futures within the Landscape and Policy hub: Rebecca Harris High Resolution Regional Scale Climate Projections for the Australian Alps: Greg Lee Numerical weather predictions over Antarctica and future needs for coupled ice-atmosphere and ice-ocean modeling: Neil Adams (BoM) The ACCESS Ocean model: the long march and the great leap forward: Simon Marsland (CAWCR) What is the future of ecosystems modelling?: Beth Fulton (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research) Southern Ocean Observing System: Louise Newman (SOOS)

Authorised by the CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre October 2019.

The ACE CRC was established and supported under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program.

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