Climate Conversations begins tour of Tasmania

Some of Australia’s leading climate scientists will take their research direct to the people in Launceston tomorrow (Thursday 18 November 2010 ) with an interactive panel discussion on climate change. The forum will be the first of a series of public discussions to be held throughout Tasmania. The discussions have been designed to encourage a conversation between scientists and the public about climate change, with the aim of allowing the public to make informed decisions and ask questions about the facts underpinning the science. In the months ahead forums will also be held in the south and north-west of Tasmania. "The Climate Conversations" will feature a presentation by four scientists from the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) and the Australian Antarctic Division, before a question and answer session with the public. The scientists will discuss what ice cores tell us about past climate change, how this informs us about future climate scenarios and the biological effects of climate change, such as ocean acidification. Glaciologist Dr Tessa Vance said the scientists, including Dr Tas van Ommen, Joel Pedro and Rob King had already toured the Climate Conversations around regional New South Wales. "The response from the public was quite astonishing for us and our hosts, with most venues overflowing," Dr Vance said. "I think this really demonstrates the community’s thirst for factual information direct from the scientists." Details of the forums in the north-west and south of the State will be announced in the months ahead. The first "Climate Conversation" sessions will be held on Thursday 18 November 2010 starting at 3.00pm and at 6.30pm in the Reception Room, Town Hall, Launceston. For interviews: There will be an opportunity for the media to speak to the scientists at the Town Hall, Launceston, tomorrow from 2.30 - 3pm or from 4.30 - 5pm. Alternatively, for phone interviews: Dr Tas van Ommen: 6226-2981, 0439 622 981 Dr Tessa Vance: 6226-7541, 0408 661 979 Further inquiries: Miranda Harman Communications and Media Manager, ACE CRC PH: 6226- 2265 0419 507 268

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