Dr Andrew Constable

Dr Constable is a quantitative marine ecologist using science to assist in ecosystem-based management of fisheries, conservation of biodiversity (including marine protected areas) and human implications of long-term dynamics and change in marine ecosystems.  He was a lecturer in quantitative marine ecology from 1991-1997 before joining the Australian Antarctic Division and has been a program leader at ACE CRC since 2005.  He is active (since 1986) in the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR); was a lead author in AR5 on Antarctic ecosystems in Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate; and is currently the Vice-Chair (Biology) of the Southern Ocean Observing System.  He was awarded a Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation in 2008.  His publications include over 40 refereed publications, two edited special issues, and over 160 scientific and policy papers to the work of CCAMLR and other forums.

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Current ACE Research

Dr. Constable co-leads the Ocean Carbon and Ecosystems Program.  His research focuses (1) on the design and implementation of field observing programs to measure dynamics and change in marine ecosystems and (2) on methods to assess their current status and future trends, which can then be used by mangers, policy-makers and the public at large.  Ecosystem simulation models are being developed to help with both these tasks.  Much of his work aims at facilitating international collaboration on these questions as no nation can do these tasks alone.  This includes further developing the work of the Southern Ocean Observing System, CCAMLR, SCAR and the IMBER program Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics.  The Southern Ocean Knowledge and Information (SOKI) wiki is being developed to help achieve this collaboration.  He is coordinating an international conference on Assessing Status and Trends of Key Habitats, Species and Food Webs in the Southern Ocean to be held in Hobart in 2018.

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