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Dr Catia Domingues

Dr Domingues is a Physical Oceanographer dedicated to advancing knowledge about variability and change in global and regional distribution of ocean heat uptake, implications for ocean circulation, sea level and climate, physical mechanisms involved, and the role of natural and anthropogenic forcings. Scientific analyses are based on both observational estimates (in situ and satellite) and climate model output, and in collaboration with a number of Australian and international researchers.

2005-2008: she was part of the sea level team – initially as support scientist and later as a postdoctoral fellow – led by Dr John Church, at the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Laboratories.

2011-2014: Research fellow at the ACE CRC, as part of the ocean variability and climate group led by Prof Nathan Bindoff and Dr Steve Rintoul.

2014-2019: ARC Future Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), University of Tasmania (UTAS).

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Current Research

Increasing sea level and ocean temperature provide critical evidence of long term warming of the climate system. In close collaboration with Australian (CSIRO, IMAS-ACE CRC, University of Tasmania) and international institutions, Dr Domingues investigates geographical changes in the vertical distribution of heat uptake by the ocean and contribution to sea level changes, including understanding of physical mechanisms and the role of natural and anthropogenic factors. Expected outcomes of this research will contribute to place more rigorous constraints on the likelihood of future warming/sea level rise projections.

In collaboration with 17 nations, we are setting up a globally-coordinated effort – the IQuOD initiative (see weblink) – to improve the quality, consistency and completeness of one of the most valuable assets for ocean/climate science: the global historical archive of subsurface temperature.

Authorised by the CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre October 2019.

The ACE CRC was established and supported under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program.

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