Dr Sue Cook

Dr. Cook’s main research interest is the calving of icebergs, and its impact on wider glacier dynamics, investigated by the numerical modeling of ice flow. Her PhD at Swansea University (2008-2012) focused on modeling the influence of warming air and ocean temperatures on calving rates in Alaska and South-East Greenland. Since then she moved to the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) as a postdoctoral researcher on the SVALI project to study calving processes in tidewater glaciers on Svalbard. Areas of expertise include: glacier flow modeling, in particular using the Elmer/Ice ice-flow model, fracturing in ice and iceberg calving.

Current Research Projects

In her current position Dr Cook will be examining the effects of fracture and calving on Antarctic ice shelves. In particular the study will investigate the impact of ocean melting, and its influence on ice shelf stability. She will be investigating different methods of including fracture in numerical models of ice shelf flow, in order to produce better models of ice shelf evolution and their prognosis in a warming climate.

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