Mr Mark Rosenberg

Mr Rosenberg came to the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre after 6 years working in coastal oceanography around the eastern states. After joining the oceanography team at ACE CRC, his previous shallow water work was translated into deep water activities, and he soon took on the role of “that guy we send to sea” – usually to the Southern Ocean.

Twenty two years (and 1,600 days of sea time) later, that role remains much the same. Mark’s job is to participate in research cruises, collect high quality oceanographic data, and pass the data on to the scientific community. While at sea he spends much of his time working on the deck, deploying and retrieving instrumented oceanographic moorings; the rest of his time at sea is occupied with that bread and butter oceanographic past-time called “CTD’ing”: collecting vertical profiles of temperature and salinity across ocean basins, and collecting the water samples to match.

Back ashore you’ll find him mostly at the desk, working on the cruise data in preparation for distribution around the globe. Moorings deployed and successfully recovered: plenty of those; vertical CTD miles covered – so who’s counting.

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Current Research

Mr Rosenberg’s current focus is the Totten and Mertz Glacier regions in East Antarctica, in projects run by Principal Investigator Dr Steve Rintoul. Most recently, he returned from a very successful oceanographic cruise on the RV Aurora Australis to the front of both these glacial systems, recovering oceanographic mooring arrays deployed in previous years, and collecting large volumes of CTD data. These data will provide exciting new understanding of changing ocean and ice systems in a changing climate .

He is also involved in oceanographic mooring work from the new research ship RV Investigator. This work is a continuation of a long term mooring project run by Principal Investigator’s Tom Trull and Eric Schulz.

Authorised by the CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre October 2019.

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