Dr Christina Schallenberg

Dr Schallenberg is interested in the large-scale coupling of the physical, chemical and biological drivers of phytoplankton productivity. Her current research emphasis is on optical biological oceanography, with a focus on the application of fluorescence measurements to assess phytoplankton physiological status. She works predominantly in the Southern Ocean, utilizing different kinds of fluorescence measurements from moorings and shipboard instruments.

Originally from Germany, Dr Schallenberg finished her MSc in Oceanography at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, in 2003. Her MSc work focussed on optical methods in biological oceanography. She then proceeded to live in Canada, working as a science journalist and editor before returning to graduate school at the University of Victoria, Canada, and finishing her PhD in 2015. She is currently supported by an NSERC post-doctoral fellowship.


Dr Schallenberg’s work is closely linked with the Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS). She undertakes measurements aboard the R/V Investigator during research cruises to the mooring site, and she is looking forward to enhanced bio-optical data from the mooring in its upcoming deployment.

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