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Dr Jan Lieser

Dr Lieser is a meteorologist and sea ice scientist in ACE’s Cryosphere Program, which studies the frozen parts in the Southern Hemisphere, including Antarctic land ice and sea ice. His research focus is airborne imaging techniques using digital aerial photography and scanning LiDAR to estimate sea ice thickness. This information is used to check remote sensing data collected by satellites like ICESat and CryoSat-2, which is used by other Antarctic research programs.

Dr Lieser has researched on-site polar meteorological observations and sea ice geophysical properties, as well as numerical modelling of Arctic sea ice and Antarctic sub-glacial Lake Vostok, and the interpretation of remote sensing data. He has participated in several field research programs in both Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean, conducted by our research partners, the Australian Antarctic Division, and the German Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

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Current Research

Under Dr Lieser’s leadership the sea ice group is supporting Australian Antarctic shipping operations and other international Antarctic programs with regular reports on sea ice conditions, with a focus on East Antarctica and the Ross Sea. These reports are published and available online.

Dr Lieser is also the principal investigator of an integrated airborne remote sensing package combining a snow thickness RADAR, aerial high resolution photography, infra-red pyrometer and scanning laser to sample various geophysical aspects of the sea ice.


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