ACE CRC 2018 Symposium

Symposium on Marine Geoengneering

The ACE CRC and IMAS will present a one-day symposium exploring the science and governance of marine geoengineering, on 25 November 2016. Recent developments in international climate change governance raise new questions as to the development and governance of ocean fertilisation and other marine geoengineering technologies. The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change set an […]

PUBLIC LECTURE: Dr Steve Rintoul

In this lecture, ACE CRC Oceanographer Dr Steve Rintoul, will tell the story of how a pioneering Australian voyage to Antarctica this year uncovered new evidence of the impact of ocean warming on the Antarctic ice sheet. In early 2015, the Aurora Australis was the first ship to ever reach the edge East Antarctica’s fastest […]

CLIVAR Open Science Conference

The collective voice and expertise of the international climate community is essential in shaping the international research agenda on the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. The World Climate Research Programme’s (WCRP) Core Project on Climate and Ocean – CLIVAR – invites the international climate community to review the state of the science, to prioritize international research plans […]

UNFCCC Climate Conference (COP 21)

The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC    

Our Common Future Under Climate Change

Building on the findings of IPCC AR5 (5th assessment report), the scientific conference “Our common future under climate change”, taking place in Paris, Unesco, in July (7-10), 2015, will present updated knowledge and address key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change. The main objective of COP 21 that will take […]


The 2016 Open Science Conference will take place from 23 to 26 August.  The theme of the conference will be “Antarctica in the Global Earth System: From the Poles to the Tropics“. The SCAR Delegates’ Meeting will be held from 29 to 31 August.


The issue of Antarctic sea ice has become a key issue in the public debate on climate change. Much of the heightened interest is focused on signs that overall Antarctic sea ice extent has been increasing, fuelled by media coverage of ships such as Akademik Shokalskiy becoming trapped in heavy ice off the Antarctic coast. […]

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