Climate and Sea Level Scientist

Dr John French

Dr French focuses on projects in atmospheric temperatures, waves and models and the tide gauge network.

He is a principal investigator on the Australian Academy of Science project “Mesospheric OH Climate Assessment”, a 20 year temperature record near the mesopause derived from observations of hydroxyl airglow. These data are used for long-term trend and variability studies and contribute to the global Network for Mesospheric Change (NDMC), of which he is a founding member.

Dr French contributes to the Australian Academy of Science project “Gravity wave drag parameterization in climate models” using a scanning radiometer at Davis, which has provided a 16 year record of gravity wave characteristics.

He is also involved with interpretation of ACCESS model simulations to investigate how regional weather and climate patterns respond to changes in ozone distribution under AAS project “Polar Feedbacks between Ozone Recovery and Climate”

Most recently, he seeks to sort and catalogue several decades of tide gauge data to enable a multi-station assessment of Antarctic sea-level rise.

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Current Research

I contribute to the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre as a member of the Future Climate and Sea Level group within the Australian Antarctic Division’s ‘Antarctica and the Global System’ program.

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