Project Leaders

Dr Steve Rintoul

Dr Stephen Rintoul is a physical oceanographer and climate scientist with a long-standing interest in the Southern Ocean and its role in the earth system.

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Dr Rob Massom

Dr Massom is a Glaciologist with 35 years’ experience in sea ice research, both in the Arctic (1980-1992) and Antarctic (1986-present) and on 14 international marine science cruises.

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Prof Philip Boyd

Prof Boyd’s research from his PhD onwards has been characterised by transdisciplinary projects that strive to bring together often disparate disciplines to better understand a wide range of inextricably linked ocean processes.

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Professor Richard Coleman

Professor Coleman's research covers the areas of geodesy, physical oceanography and glaciology, focusing on understanding the role of the oceans and cryosphere in the global climate system using observations, theory and modelling,

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Dr Ben Galton Fenzi

Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi is interested in the processes governing the interaction between the Earth's ice sheets, the oceans and other parts of the geophysical system.

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Prof Nathan Bindoff

Professor Bindoff is a Physical Oceanographer, specializing in ocean climate and the earth’s climate system, with a focus on understanding the causes of change in the oceans.

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Dr Guy Williams

Guy Williams is an observational polar oceanographer specialising in the use of autonomous observation platforms, from AUVs and UAVs to instrumented Elephant seals, to study ocean/sea ice interactions around Antarctica.

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Dr Mark Curran

Dr Curran leads the Hobart ice core group and has been involved in numerous research trips drilling ice cores in both Antarctica and Greenland.

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Dr So Kawaguchi

Dr Kawaguchi is part of the ACE CRC's Biological Responses to Environment Change project.

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Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas

Dr Melbourne-Thomas uses mathematical models of marine ecosystems to understand how these systems function and how they might respond to climate change and other human activities.

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Authorised by the CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre October 2019.

The ACE CRC was established and supported under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program.

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